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Doozy Vape Legends 100ml


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Doozy Vape Co. are back again with some legendary flavours . Made in the UK, there’s 7 great flavours with a high 70VG mix and a smooth taste that will leave you satisfied and reminiscing of your favourite all day vapes! 

Cool Crush –  Mouth Watering Blue Raspberry slush followed by a burst of subzero that combines the berries and brings this to the fore. Perfectly chilled, just enough to make this an amazing ADV.

Gummy Bears – A juicy punch of Blackcurrant Gummies, the unforgettable squishy combination that makes you smile every time. When you have a mouthful of our Gummy Bears you have to make room for one more. The temptation is too hard to resist!

Pineapple Raspberry Sangria – Pineapple Raspberry Sangria is based on the famous Spanish Cocktail, Doozy’s Sangria is a unique Fruit Punch created from juicy Wild Raspberries drenched in Pineapple Juice to create the perfect Cocktail combination.

Berry Pie – A deliciously soft pastry crumble with a Mix of dark Juicy Berries and a dash of cinnamon. This e-liquid will take you back to your favourite dessert and leave you yearning for more.

Pink Haze – Zingy lemon and a concoction of citrus fruits with a tangy edge. Fusing the perfect balance of sweetness and citrus that culminates into one of the best fruity lemon vapes.

Liquid Gold – A perfect blend creating the ultimate dessert vape. sweet yet delicate vanilla custard & light pastry, drizzled with syrup, topped off with a dollop of thick cream. The deeper the inhale, the richer it becomes! The exhale ensures maximum enjoyment of this absolutely amazing e-liquid.

Berry Blast – A chilled cocktail with a deliciously intense burst of fresh strawberries and ripe raspberries. This vape will provide a fresh hit of berries with the perfect level of coolness.

Fizzy Lemon – The sweet taste of candy lemons followed by a punch of fizzy sherbet. Feel the candy melting and the fizz sizzling on your tongue giving you a satisfying burst of endless flavour.

Apple Chews – Set your taste buds alight with this memorable sweet and sour tingle of crisp green apples.

Tropikana – Featuring a blend of succulent mangoes with lychee and pineapple freshly combined for your enjoyment.

Rio – An exotic fusion of juicy mangosteen and slices of guava with a splash of icy citrus. Words to describe this sublime flavour…Fantastic, Delicious, Amazing.

Bubbly – A classic bubblegum flavour loaded with school day memories. A nostalgic treat for your taste buds. All the flavour, without the chew.

Fiji – A mesmerising combination of crisp fuji apple and sweet cucamelon with a touch of cucumber.

Dream Shake – A luxurious chocolate cookie milkshake topped with whipped cream.

Golden Elixir – A smooth tobacco flavoured e-liquid perfectly combined with caramel toffee and a hint of vanilla.


100ml. 70VG.

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Cool Crush, Gummy Bear, Pineapple Raspberry Sangria, Berry Pie, Pink Haze, Liquid Gold, Berry Blast, Fizzy Lemon, Apple Chews, Tropikana, Rio, Bubbly, Fiji, Dream Shake, Golden Elixir


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